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AE Gibson & Sons Innovative Tempsonics Industrial Position Sensors

AE Gibson and Sons has an experienced team and is a prominent supplier of complete automation solutions including international brands to assist with our customer needs. Our Industrial Position Sensors by Temposonics feature all relevant industry outputs to support a variety of industrial applications.

We incorporate new and innovative ideas and technologies to develop and manufacture fully integrated systems and solutions. Our team are experienced in electrical design, hydraulic and pneumatic design, manufacture and commissioning of fully integrated solutions. With our experience, you can be certain of complete automation solution with finesse.

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Industrial Position Sensors

AE Gibson and Sons has partnered with International suppliers for the latest innovation in automation and robotic solutions to suit individual projects needs for various industrial applications.

Temposonics® magnetostrictive linear position sensors feature all relevant industry outputs to support a large variety of industrial applications. This, together with the reliability of the position and velocity measurement, guarantees superior control of the application.

  • Developed for linear position measurement in industrial applications
  • Stroke lengths from 25 mm to 20 m
  • Various sensor models, designs, outputs, approvals and performance classes are available


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