Gibson Support for Automation & Robotics

With many years of experience in manufacturing and after-sales support, the AE Gibson and Sons team understands the importance of keeping your automation and robotics equipment running smoothly to ensure no interruptions, safety and reliability.

At AE Gibson & Sons we have the ability to connect to one of our specially trained technicians to remotely view and control your assets at your convenience, or can arrange an on-site visit and spare parts when required.

Our team can effortlessly, securely, and efficiently access your assets anywhere anytime to enable information and insights.

Preventative maintenance is a necessity to keep your systems running as efficiently as possible, and our support team is available to assist when needed.

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Automation & Robotics Support and Servicing

Service & Support for Automation and Robotics

Our Automation & Robotics team at AE Gibson & Sons are experienced with process controls systems with a track record in a variety of processes across a wide range of industries using automation and robotic solutions. This experience allows us to quickly comprehend your process and its variables and apply our knowledge to optimise the response of your project to changing conditions. Whether it’s a new project or you need to optimise your existing processes, we can help. We will deliver the improvement and support you require with simple and effective solutions.

Services we provide: 

  • Software and Application Updates
  • Troubleshooting
  • Condition monitoring
  • Spare Parts
  • Insights into operator efficiencies
  • On-site assessments


  • Delivers the right insights to the right people, at the right time
  • Prioritised response 
  • Direct assistance as if you were with a technician
  • Preventative maintenance 
  • Increase productivity and reduce risk
  • Integrate within your existing day-to-day operation
  • Peace of mind

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