Keeping your sawmill machinery and equipment in tip top shape!

Industrial Sawmills, like many industries, are increasing production speeds to accommodate the growing demand for their products. However, this increase in output can cause increased wear and tear on your equipment. Without regular maintenance on your sawmill equipment, you’re increasing the risk of accidents, injury, and the longevity of your equipment parts. By doing routine and scheduled maintenance this can help you reduce your down time in production. AE Gibson’s service team can do a full health check on your plant and assess your equipment and put together a plan for upgrades and repairs.

Here are our top 4 sawmill equipment maintenance tips:

  1. Create a maintenance schedule: As you increase production levels, include extra maintenance times in your schedule. Create a workflow where equipment is visually inspected before and after each shift to quickly identify broken or worn parts before they cause an unexpected equipment breakdown or worker injury.

Develop a regular weekly and monthly maintenance checklist to keep your sawmill equipment in tip-top shape, avoid unnecessary downtime due to broken-down equipment, and increase safety for all on-site workers. This process should be coupled with and operator Logbook that captures time and date of any alarms, faults, noises, issues that occur in day-to-day operations.

  1. Ensure parts are lubricated: Sawmills have many moving parts. The more the equipment is used, the faster any external lubrication will wear off and wear down your equipment parts. Ensure adequate lubrication, simple, effective and can be completed operators or maintenance personnel.
  2. Repair/Replace worn or damaged parts: Create a regular schedule to check all parts for wear and damage. Rectifying worn or damaged parts will help mitigate failures, long term damage, reduce down-time and create a safer environment for the machinery and operator.
  3. Hydraulic servicing: Ensure that your hydraulic system is serviced and maintained to keep your plant running at its fullest capacity, by doing this you are improving you machines lifespan and keeping the system healthy and minimising energy consumption.

Below are some key examples of sawmill parts that need to be regularly inspected and kept well maintained:

  • Spindle Bearings
  • Transfers
  • Primary Drives
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Cylinders
  • Air Filter Lube Systems
  • Chains and Belts
  • Sprockets and Pulleys
  • Guarding
  • Cable and Piping Inspection
  • All lubrication points kept full and operational

Contact our service team at AE Gibson & Sons to arrange a service for you sawmill machinery and equipment. View our maintenance and services available here.

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