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AE Gibson & Sons Innovative Australian Engineering for Dockers & Docking Systems

AE Gibson and Sons supplies a range of dockers and docking systems. Our sawmill docking systems are custom-built to suit your needs in volume, product end-section, set length or fault docking for your sawmill. Manual sawmill docking, semi-automated or fully automated options are available.

Our sawmill docking systems are tailored to meet the needs of your sawmill as efficiently as possible, to maximise the profits and returns for your sawmill operations. Our engineers have a proven reputation in designing sawmill dockers that can cut timber to a range of specified lengths and free of defects, dressed to a smooth surface finish. Our Dockers range includes Chalkiness Dockers, High Speed Dockers, Pack Dockers, Firewood Dockers and Manual Dockers.

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Firewood Docker

Firewood Docker

Manual Dockers

Manual Dockers

Pack Docker

Pack Docker

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Engineering Specialist Machinery

AE Gibson and Sons specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist machinery.

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Process Renewables and Waste

We help our customers to process renewable resources, biomass and waste products.

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Processing & Manufacturing Industries

We offer services to Processing and Manufacturing Industries.

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