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AE Gibson & Sons Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

Does the risk of fire from hydraulic oil concern you?

Hydraulic fluids are widely used in a range of industries. One of the hazards of pressurised hydraulic fluids is that they can present a considerable fire hazard.

A E Gibson and Sons provides fire resistant hydraulic oils from the worlds leading manufacturers, to various industries within Australia.  With a history of successful delivery of hydraulic oils, and associated oil replacement services, across Australia, you can rely on our experienced team to assist you to reduce the risk of fire hazards in your plant.

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Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

At A.E Gibson & Sons we are proud to be partnering with QUINTOLUBRIC® as an approved hydraulic oil supplier to provide quality fire resistant hydraulic oil services to various industries throughout Australia, with the ability to prepare a customised solution to suit your equipment needs. Our solutions keep your machines working at optimal performance with fewer interruptions and a longer life span for a lower total cost of ownership, increased safety, reduced risk and lowering your workplace insurances.

Traditional Mineral oils are highly flammable and are often a serious source of fire hazards in high-temperature environments and applications close to open flames or heated metal parts. The risk is further increased by the rapid and aggressive ignition rate of mineral oils. Today mineral oil dangers present industries with very real major risks including disruption in operation, plant shut down, and threats to worker safety. With our trusted fire resistant hydraulic oil products and services, this risk can be reduced and managed preventively.

Benefits include:

  • High fire safety
  • Factory Mutual approved
  • Biodegradable
  • Excellent Hydraulic performance
  • Best class product life
  • Proven formulation from global market leader
  • Endorsed by major hydraulic component OEMs
  • No general hydraulic system modification
  • No special maintenance


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