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AE Gibson and Sons is a high-tech, innovative business with two large-scale manufacturing centres.

We boast an experienced management team to service sales, product design, production and after-sales support. Industrial robots are increasingly being integrated into our projects in order to save time and space, as well as improving cleanliness and safety.

Food and beverage manufacturing robots are used in the dispensing, feed placement, cutting, packaging or casing of food/beverage, pick-and-placing products into containers, and sorting.

We are committed to achieving client satisfaction through research, development and continual upgrading and improvement of our sawmill equipment. We aim to deliver our clients products of only the highest possible quality, with a competitive approach.

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Industrial Food Automation & Robotics

Since 1896, the primary objective of AE Gibson and Sons has been to maintain a leading position in the design and manufacture of sawmill equipment, materials handling, automation and robotics, general sawmill engineering, and associated sawmilling equipment.

AE Gibson and Sons has a dedicated team who specialises in automation and robotics for the food and beverage industry. Below are some examples of the ways robotics are used in the Food Industry.

Food manufacturing robots can be used in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Processing:

  1. Primary processing — Raw food products are cleaned, sorted, transported and blended. Robotic applications include butchery, and fruit and vegetable sorting.
  2. Secondary processing — Ingredients are combined to form new food products by cooking, baking, chilling etc. Robotic applications include product sorting, defect removal and mixing.
  3. Tertiary packaging — Secondary packages are grouped for shipping. For example, a palletising robot can put many boxes onto a pallet.

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