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AE Gibson & Sons Engineering BE&E SMART Floors

Since 1896, the primary objective of AE Gibson and Sons has been to maintain a leading position in the design and manufacture of sawmilling machinery, materials handling, automation, robotics, general engineering and associated sawmill equipment.

The biomass industry has evolved and traditional methods are being replaced by advanced technology to increase efficiency and reduce costs. At Gibsons we offer machinery and solutions suitable for your next biomass project.

We can help you unload horizontal silos by automating discharge with BE&E SMART Floors, our push-pull reclaim system. Moving floors feed your discharge with metered flow rates and can add redundancy to avoid costly shut downs. They are also easily serviced. We can apply them to systems ranging from small 20′ containers to large storage buildings.

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Engineering Services for Clients Across the Globe


At Gibsons we provide quality customised solutions for handling bulk solids for Biomass industries. The systems we provide are engineered to lower operational costs from receiving to load out and lead the industry in efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance. Working with leading quality suppliers world-wide.

BE&E SMART Floor Features:
  • Simple, rugged construction
  • Easy annual maintenance
  • Divided storage
  • Ability to service the hydraulics without unloading the unit
  • Modular design
  • Ability to blend contents at discharge
  • Conversion of an existing building into a storage facility
  • Ability to unload trucks directly into storage without additional equipment
  • Material flow is first in first out
  • Optional overflow protection
  • Ability to load material into storage with an end loader

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Biomass Equipment

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