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AE Gibson & Sons Australian Firewood Processing Machine Multitek 1610

Gibson Firewood Processors are recognised for their strong and robust construction, providing high reliability, high performance and low maintenance costs.

This Multitek 1610 economical firewood processor is the perfect machine for getting your firewood business off the ground.

We offer firewood machinery equipment for your specific needs, for any diameter, volume and quality, for both softwood and hardwood. Our firewood processors can reliably process firewood into designated, optimised blocks at high speed in a continuous motion.

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Firewood Processor – Multitek 1610

The Multitek 1610EZ can easily be towed behind a pick-up truck and includes standard features for rapid deployment.  This processor is designed for the highly mobile firewood producer or growing firewood business owner.  It is also a superb rental unit that is capable of nearly anything a homeowner can throw at it.


The 20” bar saw is hydraulically powered and cuts logs with the flick of a joystick.  With a standard 3/8” pitch chain, this feature keeps costs low and allows you to sharpen and reuse chains for maximum life.

A hydraulic log clamp holds the log in place as the bar saw makes a cut, ensuring the log does not jump.  The clamp is especially helpful for the trim cut, as it can grab the last piece just before it falls into the splitting chamber.


The 1610EZ features a hydraulically adjustable wedge that allows you to center your split.  By simply moving a joystick, you can avoid the long process of resplitting pieces that are too large.


Two electric-over-hydraulic joysticks make the 1610EZ extremely easy to operate.  With both hands working the controls, operators can cut, split, and advance logs all at once.  Even new operators can quickly become proficient.

The 1610EZ features log flippers on its live deck to ensure logs never get stuck.  The log flippers grab the log at the edge of the live deck and aid their roll into the trough.  This makes it possible to load crooked or skinny logs without a problem.


The 1610EZ features a 2-strand, power folding deck.  The deck hydraulically raises and lowers for rapid deployment with minimal labor.  This makes the machine extremely easy to transport and set up.













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