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AE Gibson & Sons Australian Firewood Processor Multitek 3040XP2

Gibson Firewood Processors are recognised for their strong and robust construction, providing high reliability, high performance and low maintenance costs.

If you make your living selling firewood, look no further.  Produce firewood faster than ever with the Multitek 3040XP2, the heavyweight champion of firewood processors.

We offer firewood machinery equipment for your specific needs, for any diameter, volume and quality, for both softwood and hardwood. Our firewood processors can reliably process firewood into designated, optimised blocks at high speed in a continuous motion. The Multitek 3040XP2 firewood processor is the World Heavyweight Champion of Firewood Processors, and designed for the toughest logs.

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Firewood Processor – Multitek Pro Series 3040XP2

The 3040XP2 is a supersized version of the flagship 2040XP2.  Designed specifically for the biggest and most difficult logs in the world, the 3040XP2 features the largest log capacity of any Multitek machine.  With Multitek’s patented shuttle grapple, the 3040XP2 can process logs up to 32″ in diameter at a blistering 7 cords per hour.  If you’re a firewood professional and deal with huge logs, this processor will exceed every expectation.


Multitek’s patented shuttle grapple acts as a dual log in-feed and clamp system.  The shuttle grapple can take even the most crooked log and smoothly feed it into the cutting area.  The V shaped trough centers the log if the grapple needs to be repositioned.  It is the most versatile in-feed system on the market.

The 3040XP2 comes standard with a fully-equipped operator’s cab.  Keep processing regardless of the weather with a comfortable suspension seat, heated cab enclosure, and high-visibility windows.

Fully electric joysticks not only make controlling the machine extremely easy, but they are also a safety feature.  These controls keep all hydraulic lines outside of the cab, protecting you from the high-temperature, high-pressure fluid in the lines.


The 3040XP2 comes with a 72″ carbide tipped circular saw to decrease cut cycle and reduce maintenance costs associated with bars and chains.  This standard feature allows 1,500+ cords of wood to be processed before carbide teeth need to be changed.

All our circular saws come standard with a hydraulic saw brake.  As soon as the saw is shut off, the brake stops the spinning blade in about 10 seconds.  This makes it far safer for someone to access parts of the machine that may need attention while the processor is running.  Unlike the brakes on your car, the hydraulic brake puts no wear on the circular blade, preserving the life of the saw.

Our pro-series processors come with a custom laser measurement system to ensure each cut is your desired length.  Accurate to 0.25”, the laser measurement system guarantees consistency and quality in your finished product.


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