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AE Gibson & Sons Innovative Australian Engineering for Hydraulic Powerfeed Drive Systems

AE Gibson and Sons is a highly experienced and prominent supplier of complete industrial automation solutions including intelligent drive systems. Our drive systems are customised for each individual project designed by our experienced engineers to suit your project needs for longer lasting results.

​Our team designs, manufactures and tests hydraulic power units and drive systems for any application. Our Hydraulic Power Units are supplied with all Isolation Gate packages and solutions are supplied as stand-alone units to suit any hydraulically drive equipment.

Customer specifications and the application will dictate the level of complexity required for each design and we can fully tailor the unit to suit any site specific component or design preferences.

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Engineering Services for Clients Across the Globe

Hydraulic Power Feed Drive Systems

Many of the industries we deal with including mining, often requires large forces, high torques or even the ability for infinitly variable speed control – right down to 0 RPM.  This equipment often uses a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) to convert electrical power into hydraulic energy which is then used to drive hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors and drive systems of various designs.

​With an emphasis on heavy duty industrial applications, AE Gibson & Sons has been designing and manufacturing custom engineered Hydraulic Power Units and Drive Systems for many years, and our team are experienced in hydraulic system design and manufacturing.

Our Hydraulic Power Units and Drive Systems are designed and manufactured to suit harsh conditions, with a particular emphasis on maintainability and reliability. Using only quality components, our designs meet or exceed Australian Standards, and have been tested in some of the harshest applications and environments.

Our Hydraulic Power Units will provide the following benefits for your project or site:

  • A tailored solution, engineered to suit customer specific site requirements,

  • Compliance to customer engineering and manufacturing specifications,

  • A consultative design process utilising the latest industry standards and guidelines for hydraulic system designs.

  • Provision of 3D models to allow convenient integration into overall plant layouts to ensure accurate interface and tie-in with hydraulic piping and infrastructure. 

  • Optional design or design-and-supply of inter-connecting piping and hosing from the HPU to the driven machine

We provide a complete range of services to improve the reliability and availability of your Hydraulic Power Feed Drive Systems. Detailed information and assistance is available from our experienced team.

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