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AE Gibson & Sons Innovative Industrial Plastic Parts & Solutions

AE Gibson and Sons is a highly experienced and prominent supplier of complete industrial machinery parts and solutions.

We have teamed up as the Australian supplier for Redwood Plastics for solutions for machinery parts relating to timber, mining and waste water. Custom components with longer wear life, decreased downtime, lighter weight and increase safety. Protect your machinery today with a plastic solution to maintain longevity of your industrial machinery.

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Engineering Services for Clients Across the Globe

Industrial Plastics & Components

At AE Gibson and Sons we have partnered with various international suppliers to produce the highest quality outcomes for machinery and part for processing and manufacturing industries and designed for various outcomes and machinery.

Redwood Plastics and Rubber is your full service solution for plastic, rubber and composite components of the utmost quality in the sawmilling industry.

Redwood Plastics and Rubber was the first in bringing wear solutions to the forestry industry. Solutions such as wear strip, kiln cart bushings and impact pads are just some of the products that paved the way for the hundreds of products that are used today. Redco™ plastics and rubber products have been proven to decrease downtime, and reduce noise, vibration and power consumption. Increase production to its fullest potential by adding Redco™ plastic and rubber products; bringing benefits and savings to your site. They also specialise in a variety of applications including; shaft bearings, chip screens, channel, sheaves and conveyor liners. Replacing traditional materials with Redco™ plastics and rubber products has never been so easy with the varieties now available.

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Service and Support

Service and Support

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Engineering Specialist Machinery

AE Gibson and Sons specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist machinery.

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Process Renewables and Waste

We help our customers to process renewable resources, biomass and waste products.

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Processing & Manufacturing Industries

We offer services to various Processing & Manufacturing industries.

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