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AE Gibson & Sons Australian Kindling Splitter & Firewood Machinery

AE Gibson and Sons Kindling Splitter machines are recognised for their strong and robust construction, providing high reliability, high performance and low maintenance costs.

Our Kindling Spiltter is a machine designed to cut and split firewood with minimal manual handling throughout the process. See Specs further down this page.

We offer firewood machinery equipment for your specific needs, for any diameter, volume and quality, for both softwood and hardwood. Our firewood processors can reliably process firewood into designated, optimised blocks at high speed in a continuous motion.

Call A.E Gibson and Sons to discuss your firewood processing needs.

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Our Gibsons Kindling Splitter machine splits mill dockings (square material) into kindling size pieces.

Scope; (specific to our customer)

  • Splitting kiln dry hardwood
  • Kindling 250mm or 300mm long range
  • Maximum thickness; 50mm


Machine Specifications;

  • Infeed chute; 3mm steel plate lined with uhmw 300mm wide
  • Infeed chute; product gravity fed
  • Feed Belt; 300mm wide. 0.75kw drive. VSD fitted
  • Anvil; 100mm adjustment
  • Hatchet; Bisalloy tip
  • Mechanically operated – Crank
  • Adjustable stroke
  • 2.2kw electric motor drive
  • 3 SPB belt drive
  • Outfeed chute; 3mm plate. Adjustable from 250mm to 300mm wide x 1000mm Lg
  • Outfeed chute; fluted for waste/fines dropout
  • MCC; Built into machine frame. 415 volt power plug c/w dual point stop start and interlock
  • Guarding; to Australian Standard


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