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AE Gibson & Sons Sawmill Engineering Machinery Laser-Line Automation System

AE Gibson and Sons designs and manufactures Laser-Line, suitable for any log application in any sawmill in Australia.

The laser positioning system is an automated system designed to assist a sawmill operator to highlight the are where the saw is cutting lines along a log.

The lasers follow the same position as the saws to ensure that when the operator selects a cutting size on the twin saw system, they can clearly see the cut lines along the log. This helps the operator to make better decisions and get maximum timber yield recovery from each log, removing the operators guess work.

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Gibson Laser-Line System

Do you want to recover more valuable timber, and have less waste? There is a way…… with the Gibson Laser-Line.

Every sawmill worker knows, when Operators cut logs or flitches, they need to make valuable decisions to return the best possible yield recovery from every single log or flitch. The decisions determine the cut line, and how much of the raw material becomes valuable timber, and how much becomes waste material.

The Gibson Laser-Line system solves that problem, by providing visible laser lines to show the saw cutting lines along the length of the log or flitch. The lasers can be fixed, or will move to automatically follow the sizing selections made by the operator, casting highly visible green laser lines onto the full length of a log or flitch. The Gibson Laser-Line system is available in single, twin, and multi laser configurations to suits your specific processing needs.

If your operators could make better, faster cutting decisions, and remove all the guess work from your log or flitch processing, what’s that worth to you in improved yield recovery? It pays for itself within weeks!

Do you want to recover more valuable timber, and have less waste?

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