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AE Gibson & Sons is a proudly Australian company that continues to be a leader in innovation and Advanced Manufacturing Technology, specialising in the design and manufacture of sawmill & material handling systems Since 1896.

AE Gibson & Sons also offers a quality range of robotic systems from simple robot handling applications, to complete end of line robot-based automation systems at our large-scale manufacturing centres located in Kendall and offices in Sydney & Melbourne.

Our team has experience in specialised machinery and machine tending with several of our team members experienced in robotics, automation, sensing, and integration of a robotics into production environments.

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Robotics Solutions for Machine Tending

AE Gibson & Sons has a range of standard concepts and solutions for a variety of industry applications that can be adapted to suit your individual requirements and industry.

Common machine tool tending applications include lathe and milling machine load and unload, moulding machine top loading, and press tending. The design concept in these applications is to maximise the uptime of the primary machine tool. This is done by several mechanisms, namely minimising the unload and load task, and lengthening the available hours of operation. Automated machine tool tending offers the benefits of minimising the cycle time associated with the removal of a part, and insertion of a new one, across the full 24 hours in a day. Automated machine tool tending can be done with minimal errors. This is when it is integrated with an off-the-shelf vision system. Automation provides higher speeds of load and unload, meaning performance improvements in throughput, and increased uptime. Larger parts can present occupational health and safety issues, which can also be avoided using an automated approach to load and unload.

Where required, robots can tend multiple machine tools with the addition of robot rails, furthering their flexibility. Changeover grippers in the design also allows for the robot to handle a range of parts and/or a significant change between pre-machined parts and machined parts without the need for operator intervention.

Advantages of Robotic Machine Tool Tending

Any moment a machine sits idle, or an operator is unable to maintain it, productivity and money are lost. The robots and software makes it simple to connect the equipment and increase output/overall equipment efficiency.

Other advantages include:

  • Increase adaptability versus fixed automation
  • Maximize throughput with increased speeds and efficiency
  • Improve system availability
  • Capability to maintain several machines
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Improve quality
  • Capability to do supplementary procedure

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AE Gibson and Sons specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist machinery.

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