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AE Gibson & Sons Innovative Australian Engineering for Pack Dockers Solutions

AE Gibson and Sons supplies a range of Pack Dockers and Docking Systems. Our Sawmill Docking Systems are custom-built to suit your needs in volume, product end-section, set length or fault docking for your sawmill. Manual Sawmill Docking, semi-automated or fully automated options are available.

Our Pack Docker is designed to meet the needs of your sawmill running efficiently to maximise the profits and returns for your sawmill operations. Our engineers have a proven reputation in designing Sawmill Dockers that can cut timber to a range of specified lengths and free of defects, dressed to a smooth surface finish. Our Chain Saw Pack Dockers are built to last and designed to run consistently whilst providing reliability.

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Engineering Services for Clients Across the Globe


Since 1896, the primary objective of AE Gibson and Sons has been to maintain a leading position in the design and manufacture of sawmilling, materials handling, general engineering and associated sawmilling equipment. Our Pack Docker Solutions are designed and customised to your project needs.


  • Frame – 460 UC with 300 UB legs. 8m long
  • Alignment – steel alignment stands.

Docking Saw

  • Cutter bar = 84” (63” effective cutting) 404” chain.
  • Bar complete with nose assembly and arch guide.
  • Automatic chain tensioner
  • Electric oil lubrication pump
  • 11kw drive
  • 1.5kw docking carriage drive


The unit is supplied complied with MCC and control panel complete with cable and 3 point plug.

The control panel is mounted on the docking saw unit and consists of an emergency stop/power on button and H.M.I unit for system operation.

Sizing / Mode of Operation

The system is controlled by a PLC control system an a movi-drive inverter which positions the docker carriage by means of sprocket and chain.

Operator positions docker for zero cut by inching unit to required position. Operator them selects one of the 20 pre programmed cutting solutions (all solutions can be readily altered/reprogrammed).

When the pre-programmed pattern is activated the docker sequence will commence and complete the docking cycle. It then indexes into position for the next cut, recommences docking cycle and continues until full pattern is completed. The docker then returns to home position indicating that the sequencing has been completed.

A warning system is activated whilst the machine is in sequence for operator awareness and safety.

  • Waste Conveyor 500mm x 17M long
  • Frame – 5mm plate troughing, 150 x 75 channel mainframe, 100 x 50 channel legs
  • Chuting – 5mm plate
  • Belt – 400mm 3 ply belting
  • Headstock – 323mm diameter, 50mm diameter bearings
  • Tailstock – 219mm diameter, 40mm bearings
  • “S” Rollers – 168mm diameter, 35mm bearings
  • Drive – 2.2kw shaft mounted geared motor
  • Lanyards – one side
  • Electrical Starter – priced into docker control


AE Gibson to provide remote support during installation and commissioning.


Docker to be fitted with a Gibson Connect module.

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