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Hydraulic hose maintenance
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AE Gibson & Sons Innovative Regulators & Air Service Units

AE Gibson & Sons is a proudly Australian company that continues to be a leader in innovation and Advanced Manufacturing Technology, specialising in the design and manufacture of sawmill & material handling systems Since 1896.

Our pneumatic air pressure regulators an air service units are used to reduce the pressure, to suit the application or tool downstream, for reasons of safety, to reduce cost or to even the compressed airline pressure. Lowering the system pressures mean less risk and lower running costs.

Our pneumatic air pressure regulators available include general purpose, high flow, pilot operated or special purpose pressure regulators.

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Engineering Services for Clients Across the Globe

Pneumatic Regulators & Air Service Units

AE Gibson & Sons has developed a range of standard concepts and solutions for a variety of industry applications that can be adapted to suit your individual requirements and industry.

If you need a new air filter regulator or air service units, then look no further than AE Gibson & Sons! We carry a vast selection of quality air filters and regulators from top-leading brands. Our range of pneumatic regulators and air service units are designed for use in many applications, allowing you to make the best use of your equipment. Our quality range of industrial pneumatic spare parts and pumps ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.

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Service and Support

Service and Support

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Engineering Specialist Machinery

AE Gibson and Sons specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist machinery.

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Process Renewables and Waste

We help our customers to process renewable resources, biomass and waste products.

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The NSW Construction Industry

We also support the construction industry on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

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