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AE Gibson & Sons is a proudly Australian company that continues to be a leader in innovation and Advanced Manufacturing Technology, specialising in the design and manufacture of sawmill & material handling systems Since 1896.

AE Gibson & Sons offers a quality range of material handling robotic systems from simple robot handling applications, to complete end of line robot-based automation systems at our large-scale manufacturing centres located in Kendall and offices in Sydney & Melbourne.

Our team has experience in specialised machinery with several of our team members experienced in robotics, automation, sensing, and integration of a robotics into production environments.

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Robotics Solutions for Material Handling

AE Gibson & Sons has developed a range of standard concepts and solutions for a variety of industry applications that can be adapted to suit your individual requirements and industry.

Automated material handling robots are available for every application. This includes pick and place through to palletising, packing, component transfer, machine maintenance and assembly.

We can offer standalone solutions or fully integrated systems that automate every material handling operation from the beginning to the conclusion of the production line. By enhancing throughput and lengthening working periods, robotic materials handling systems increase your production.

These robots eliminate health and safety risks that arise from picking and placing products repetitively. They are also proven tools for solving tasks where heavy, sharp or hot objects need to be moved on a large scale. The addition of an integrated 2D and 3D vision system allows the robot to “see” the part location, orientation, colour or presence, which can be used for size sorting and quality inspecting as part of the application solution. The addition of a conveyor and encoder allows the robot to identify and track any given part and pick it from a moving conveyor.

Our dedicated project and service team ensures successful delivery and support of the automation solutions across a wide range of customers throughout Australia and Oceania.

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Service and Support

Service and Support

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Engineering Specialist Machinery

AE Gibson and Sons specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist machinery.

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Process Renewables and Waste

We help our customers to process renewable resources, biomass and waste products.

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The NSW Construction Industry

We also support the construction industry on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

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