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AE Gibson & Sons Small Log Processing Machinery & Equipment

AE Gibson and Sons designs the sawmill machinery you need, built to deliver consistent results, and durable enough to keep producing results for a long time.

Our small log processing machinery has been custom-designed by Australian engineers, manufactured to designs and materials of the best quality, and tailored to the needs of Australian sawmills. Our custom made small log line machines are guaranteed to offer what you need for your small log processing production. You can rely on the small log processing equipment that comes out of our factories to deliver efficiency for your log line operations. Contact AE Gibson and Sons to discuss your sawmilling equipment needs.

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Small Log Line Processing Systems

AE Gibson & Sons Small Log Lines provide sawmill solutions for converting small diameter hardwood and softwood logs into finished timber.

Depending on log size, target products and the volume of timber available, the Small Log Line will be custom designed and built to suit your needs.

Options include;

Primary Breaking Downs scaled to handle the logs available.

A Gibson Twin Saw Log Edger built for small diameter and short length logs.

Maintaining robust construction and reliable operation at a higher cycle time.

Process lines where the log size allows it to be processed in a single pass.

The line consists of a log loader delivering the log onto a turner.

Once the optimum position is achieved the log passes through a Twin Saw Log Edger. (Single pass)The side boards are directed to waste, the cant is turned down & fed through a Gibson Gang Multisaw.

Options include the installation of a roundabout on the Twin Edger, Recovery Bench or Board Edger.

Since 1896, the primary objective of AE Gibson and Sons has been to maintain a leading position in the design and manufacture of sawmilling, materials handling, general engineering, structural steel fabrication and associated equipment. We also offer automation and robotic solutions for processing and manufacturing industries.


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Log Systems

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