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Since 1896, the primary objective of AE Gibson and Sons has been to maintain a leading position in the design and manufacture of sawmilling machinery, materials handling, automation, robotics, general engineering and associated sawmill equipment.

The Hydraulic Power Unit has a decisive influence on the productivity and efficiency of every hydraulic system. That’s why you can rely on our leading know-how and experience from thousands of applications right from the start of your project. The basis for this is our comprehensive product portfolio, which is unparalleled in terms of diversity, modularity and quality.​

Benefit from highly energy-efficient, low-noise and networked power units. We take advantage of the world’s largest modular hydraulic system and use mainly standard components from series production.​

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Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic power units combine hydraulic components to supply fluid to a hydraulic system at a required pressure and flow rate. A hydraulic power pack is usually comprised of a motor, tank, valves and pump, which provide power to the hydraulic system.

There are many available options and configurations of Hydraulic Power Packs, so it’s important to understand how to choose the right pack or components. It is important to start by defining what the nominal power required will be according to the desired flow rate and pressure, which depends on the effort that is required to be applied.

  • Nominal power: indicated in watts (W) or kilowatts (kW), it is the power of the motor that drives the hydraulic pump.
  • Nominal flow rate: expressed in litres per second (l/s) or litres per minute (l/min), it is the volume of liquid that the pump can send into the system in a given time.
  • Nominal pressure: expressed in pascals (Pa) or bars, is the force that the hydraulic unit can withstand and depends on the power of the engine.


At AE Gibson & Sons you can save time and precious resources: we take care of the entire project planning, assembly and commissioning of your hydraulic power unit, wherever you need it.

We are a global partner with power unit manufacturing capacities in Europe, Asia and the Americas and focus on high local value creation. We combine our worldwide application know-how with local commissioning and service specialists around Australia and New Zealand.

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