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vertical quad roll Sawquip
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AE Gibson & Sons Innovative Sawquip Vertical Quad Roll Log Turner

AE Gibson and Sons is a fifth-generation family-owned sawmill engineering business, based in regional Australia. The business is located at Kendall, on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, which was once the heart of Australia’s native forest industry. Having begun operations in the late 19th century, we are the oldest and most experienced sawmilling equipment supplier in Australia.

AE Gibson & Sons have teamed up with Sawquip to offer our customers more options to suit individual sawmill project needs. The Vertical Quad Roll Log Turner by Sawquip, developed an efficient 8’-16’ log infeed to replace existing infeeds that are space restrained and require accurate positioning to chipping canters and/or saws.

The combination of AE Gibson and Son’s local Australian based machinery design, manufacturing and Timber industry experience, coupled with the Sawquip machinery for high volume and small log processing applications, provides the Australian and New Zealand Timber industry with the latest technology to improve production volume, efficiency, and yield.

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Sawquip Vertical Quad Roll Log Turner

Operating Principle

The first two modules of the infeed have vertical bar rolls to permit final log turning as the log exits the log turner.
Subsequent roll assemblies have two mounted driven vertical spike rolls with each roll positioned against a log to transport it forward and ensure also that it remains in contact with the central anvil upon entering the chipping heads and/or saws.  The modular concept permits various log forms and diameters to be accommodated.

Advantages of the Modular HE Infeed
  • Minimal footprint to facilitate installation in a restrained area
  • Maintains the sawing axis of a log for best lumber recovery
  • Can feed logs end to end
  • Electric-mechanical drives for rolls
  • No infeed chain
  • Minimal maintenance and ease of access


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