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With over a hundred years of experience in manufacturing and after-sales support, the AE Gibson and Sons team understands the importance of your sawmill equipment asset performance, efficiency and reliability, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Hydraulic power provides the energy necessary to run your plant and equipment, and it’s important to keep them working and regularly inspect and replace hydraulic hoses before they fail and cause major issues.

Poorly maintained hydraulic hoses can result in costly downtime, catastrophic failure to assets, safety risks and environmental hazards. This can be prevented, and our team can assist with replacing hydraulic hoses saving you time and money, to ensure your equipment is kept running as long as possible.

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When hydraulic hoses fail, only a highly trained professional should conduct repairs. Routine preventative maintenance should be completed following the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance. If you need assistance with assessing your hydraulic hoses or need help with servicing, call our professional team for support

The best way to prevent a hose failure is to recognise the signs of impending failure and have a professional perform replacements before a failure occurs. It’s important to take measures to prevent avoidable failures in the future. Hydraulic hoses will eventually wear out or suffer damage, but rarely do they fail without some type of sign. The best way to determine when hydraulic hoses need to be replaced on your equipment is to arrange regular inspections and look for signs of impending failures. Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding hose failure, downtime, expensive repairs, and safety issues that may occur.

Common Signs:

  • Twisted hoses: leads to structural weaknesses in the hose and eventual leaks
  • Kinked or crushed hoses:  can lead to higher pressures around the kink and localised stresses that can weaken the strength of the hose
  • Abrasions and cuts along the outer hose cover (appearing more than the normal scratches and knicks): can lead directly to hose failure if not addressed
  • Corroded or cracked fitting: indicates the hydraulic hose assembly needs to be replaced as soon as possible
  • Worn spots on a hose: can weaken the integrity of the hose
  • Exposure of wire within the hose: means the strength of the hose may have been compromised
  • Leaks around hose fittings: signals either hose wear around the fitting or damage to the fitting
  • Oil running along the length of the hose: indicates that the hose has failed and must be replaced as soon as possible 

What we do:

  • Inspect the hoses on a regular maintenance agreement
  • Replace the hydraulic hoses with brand new quality hoses with high quality fittings from Southcott
  • Perform any repairs when required
  • Clean any unwanted mess to the hydraulic hose system
  • Follow safety guidelines to perform any maintenance or replacement


Our Gibson technicians will come to your site to inspect your hoses as part of a regular maintenance plan. We have the skills and equipment needed to perform quality repairs and replacements using the required safety procedures. Our technicians also know the right type of hoses your system needs, while considering key aspects such as chemical compatibility, pressure ratings, and temperature ratings. You can be assured that hose installations performed by our Gibson hydraulics team is done according to industry best practices to promote the life of your hydraulic hoses.

Let us help you to ensure that your hydraulic system is always in good repair, reliable and effective. We are ready to support you!

If you would like to find out more about hydraulic hose maintenance and replacements, please contact us.



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